P90X for Women: A Danger to your Bra Size?

Post P90X cardio workout and DRENCHED but feeling goodOne thing I was really concerned about when I was first considering the P90X program was the effect it would have on my chest measurements.  Guys are concerned with the program’s changes to their chests  but usually for different reasons.  The first place I tend to lose weight is in the one place I don’t want to lose it.  Plus, I’m a natural girl–no implants–so I want to keep what I’ve got, thank you.

I was one of those flat-chested teens.  In fact, I think I was about 30 before I got out of an A-cup and I was only barely a B-cup then.  One of the great ironies of my life is that I was a late bloomer and turned into a C-cup after my divorce, during a time when I was so down on men that I was intentionally celibate. 

So I really didn’t want my bra size to suffer  while I was getting into what’s going to be the best shape of my life. 

I researched as much as I could to see if women were reporting losing too much chest, but I found only one or two references to P90X and bust size…and both were questions rather than answers. 

As I approach my 60-day results mark,  I can report that yes, my bra size has changed but no, I’m not disappointed. I have lost 2.5 inches around my chest, yes, BUT my cup-size is unchanged.  Yay!

To check your cup size, follow this chart.


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