The Best P90X Blog for Women over 40

Fifty days into P90X and I can’t believe it—you’d think with the limited time I have in my busy schedule that yet another website wouldn’t even cross my mind but I’ve decided to create a new website that focuses on being the best P90X blog for women, especially women over 40 with an injury here or there.
There are two reasons I’ve decided to write about P90X and Beachbody products, though I may surprise you.  Putting time and energy into a new blog may seem like a waste of time or a misdirection of my resources, given that I could easily spend the same time working on one of my romantic suspense novels, editing a book for my niche publishing company, posting a new article at The Spiritual Eclectic, or putting together a new life coaching guide.   But—no surprise to P90Xers—I like variety.
The secondary reason for a new website is that when I first considered the P90X program, I couldn’t find enough information online.   That may seem like a ridiculous statement, given how many YouTube videos are out there, how many daily journals,  how many forums…but I couldn’t find much of the info that I needed to make a decision easily.
Specifically, I wanted to know how someone like me would fare with  an intense 90-day program: a woman over 40 with current hormonal imbalances and  previous back and knee injuries.  I found plenty of online reviews of P90X that said you needed to already be in amazing shape to even think about it.  It was really an attitude of lack and futility–and that mindset never serves me well.  (Does it anyone?)   It’s also a state of mind that I found among the very young  and/or uber-athletes who still think that everyone who’s more than 5 pounds overweight needs to simply not eat junk food and has no idea of the weight struggle that people with diabetes or thyroid imblances endure.  I’d been working out–hard–for at least 5 days a week for the past year and more and the scales never moved…while eating clean calories according to a physician-approved diet and drinking more than the minimum 8 glasses of water a day.  Websites showing a 113-pound woman becoming a 110-pound woman didn’t really do anything for me.  Good for her, but I needed information about women more like…me. 

I also didn’t get a lot of good out of websites and blogs that were a daily log of activity:  “Did Core Synergistics today…ate 32 ounces of protein and half a cup of fruit.”  Again, good for them and a great tool for keeping track, but I was looking for insight I could apply to my own fitness journey.  There were only a handful of sites for women like me that talked about the challenges and the results.

So…I decided to offer insights into my own journey and share them here.  Hopefully, what I learn about the P90X program and about myself will make it easier on someone else.

And then there’s the primary reason to create this website and write about my experiences:  because this is where my focus is.

If you’re a regular reader of mine at The Spiritual Eclectic, you know that I pay a lot of attention to the Law of Attraction and that I believe that where you put your focus (your attention) is where things will manifest.  If we spend our time looking at OMG-How-Much-Weight-I’ve-Gained, then we’re focusing on the weight…which is the worst thing we can do if we want to lose weight.  I’m instead focusing on being fit–without obsessing about the scales or clothes sizes.  Until this new lifestyle is so firmly entrenched in my daily routine (moreso than just 50 days), I want to focus on my increasing good health, my  increasing stamina, my increasing flexibilty, my increasing strength, my increasing definition–and when I’ve got all that great stuff to focus on, there’s no time to focus on increasing weight.  See?  A very positive shift in mindset! 

And for me, a writer, the best way to focus on fabulous fitness is to write about it.  So even though this blog is meant to benefit others like me, it’s the perfect tool for me catalog and enjoy the P90X results and insights.


One response to “The Best P90X Blog for Women over 40

  1. P90x is an excellent program with 1 setback

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