The Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse and Diabetics (a Review by a Non-Beachbody Coach)

 This Shakeology review is by a non Beachbody coach, at least as of this post. 

Supposedly, you can lose 5 to 10 pounds in three short days on the Shake Cleanse, aka Shakeology’s 3-Day Cleanse.  Basically, you have 3 shakes a day (water and ice only, which is actually pretty yummy to me), plus a little bit of fruit for snacking, and then a salad of greens and veggies with a little bit of protein for dinner.  Given my blood sugar problems throughout my life and the fact that with P90X and changes in exercise and diet, I’ve been able to jump back away from the diabetes threshold, I’ve not done so well fasting before.  This really wasn’t a fast, though, but a “cleanse.” 
It sounded great on the surface.  Instead of supplementing my workouts with the 140-calorie, low-glycemic-index shake, I would turn it into meal replacements for 3 days and, like my friends, watch the excess weight slide right off.  It’s recently been reported as safe for diabetics because it won’t send your blood sugar into orbit with it being about half of what’s considered low-glycemic.  I also had in mind that I would be able to replace my daily protein shake supplement, my liquid vitamins, my probiotics, various supplements, and any occasional cleanses to offset the fairly high cost (around $4 per shake). 
Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me, even for as much as I wanted this to work.  It seems that I can probably supplement my diet with these shakes, especially like after a workout, but I cannot do the Shake Cleanse.  I lasted until 3 PM.
By then, I thought I would kill the next thing to walk through my door—and eat it for food.  Others who’ve done the 3-day cleanse have reported hunger pains but eventually getting their energy back after the first or second day.  I doubt that they have diabetes or any serious blood sugar problems because for me, it was way more than “just hunger pains.”
I take great strides to keep my blood sugar level.  If it drops, I immediately become cranky.  Then, I become totally irrational about food.  It’s a survival mechanism that kicks in and I can focus on nothing but where my next meal is coming from.  I will eventually get dizzy, nauseated, and do dangerous things to get to food.  My British friends describe it as “peckish.”  My ex-husband described it as “insane.”
When I was married and travelling on vacation with my family, I would usually point out to my then-husband that the time was approaching 11 AM and we needed to start looking for a place to have lunch.  We’d pass the next town and he didn’t want to stop at a fast-food place so we’d keep driving.  In the next town, he’d insist on forgoing a Denny’s because of something he’d heard on the news about their hiring practices.  Several towns later, it would be 1:30 PM and I would be clawing at the door handle to get out of the car because nothing mattered but getting to food.  By then, I’d be shaking all over and too ill to eat…but when I did get to food, I would devour everything in sight.    Like I said, it was a form of survival instinct that kicked in and made me desperate to get something in my stomach.    As for my then-husband, he didn’t understand my behavior and would sometimes prolong dining, thinking that by being stubborn, he could make me give in and act right.   
When I get stuck in meetings at work, I simply must get up and get a protein snack and not worry if I piss off a General.  If I sit quietly and behave and don’t eat for 8 hours, I become sick.  So I’ve learned. 
I’d thought I would be able to do the cleanse without the problems of fasting because I would have high-nutrient shakes and a sensible dinner, but my intake was too low and I began to crash early.    So I called off the cleanse, drove immediately to a local chicken place, and refueled on protein.  A few minutes later, I was fine.  But as for my plans to do the Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse once a month?  I can’t do it.  Shakeology will have to remain a supplement, not a meal replacement and especially not a cleanse.


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  1. So glad I found this blog! Thank you for your honest review 🙂

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