P90X: 30-Day Results

I’m playing catch-up here…transferring my handwritten notes to my P90X blog. 

Looking back at my results on Day 30, I was both pleased and not pleased.  I’d lost 5 pounds and a few inches.  I was still in the same clothes but much more comfortably in the same clothes.  I was able to do more with each workout than I could do during the previous workout.  I had one particular pair of pants that I wore every weekend (I’m more of a dress and skirt girl), and with every weekend, those pants were looser than the weekend before.  I was feeling better and better every week.

I was also, between the workouts AND the increase in protein, sleeping through every night.  No more  coming home and crashing for an hour or two because I was so tired.  Instead, that hour or so went into P90X workouts. 

The grandest difference that really only I would notice was how tight my legs were.  I’ve always had great legs but even with 5-7 sessions a week on the treadmill and a gazillion leg presses as prescribed by my doctors eons ago, my legs had felt…loose.  It took between 2-3 weeks of P90X and they were tighter than they’d been in years, in spite of the other intensive leg therapy I’d had in my arsenal.  By the end of the first 30 days, even my mom had noticed how hard my legs had become.  They’re my greatest athletic asset, in spite of my knee injuries, and it really didn’t take but about 15 workouts before they were fantastic again. 

As for the not-so-pleased aspects of the first 30 days, it all goes back to that competitive, comparative thing.  I love reading others’ results because it gives me an idea of what’s possible…but I do have to be careful to remember that we are all different with all different results at different times for different reasons.  I saw a few results videos and photo groups where blog visitors chided the blogger that he obvious didn’t bring it if he hadn’t lost more weight or gained more definition-without knowing anything about the person except how he looked on Day 1 and Day 30.  Something I learned in my spiritual journey years ago was to NOT judge another’s path because I don’t know that person has been through to get there.  I can apply it to others who judge results harshly but in truth, I will judge my own results more harshly than anyone else ever could.

I have to remember not to make it about the pounds and inches, but about the way I FEEL.  And at Day 30, I was beginning to feel pretty good.


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