It’s hard to sum up everything I’m “about”  in a short post, but since this blog focuses on fitness and health confidence (the things I think put the X in anyone’s seXy),  I’ll stick to the physical aspects of who I am. 

I’m 40-um-something, single, female,  two mostly-grown kids, with a busybusybusy desk job (translation:  I have to sit for hours at a time until my butt falls asleep) and just as busy when I get home to my writing career, though I often combine dictating novels with powerwalking, so at least nothing’s falling asleep.  I’m in very good health but I’d like a much better defined body, though not necessarily “ripped.”  And working on that kind of definition is harder in my 40’s than it was in my 20’s.  Way harder.  I’m not there yet, but I’ve made a commitment to be as healthy and fit as I can and never “get old.”  Or stuffy.  Definitely not stuffy.

I tend to date really hot men who are a lot younger  (my friends call them “underwear models” for some unknown reason).  I really don’t mind dating guys closer to my age, but a lot of the middle-aged men I meet have let themselves go and I just don’t find them physically appealing (just sayin’).   I may not be a size 2 marathon-runner, but I am very active, work out 6 days a week,  and it is not easy to find the time or energy when your life is as full as mine.  I’m working hard and if my man isn’t making any sort of effort at all to stay healthy?  Well, what usually happens is he does things to sabotage my fitness goals (like whining if I won’t share a rich dessert and lots of alcohol or trying to talk me out of  working out in favor of sitting in front of a TV show I don’t like with him).  Then either I feel guilty for putting my own health ahead of his wishes or I start to feel resentful of having to choose between him and what’s healthy for me.  Oh, I’ll have to blog separately on loved ones who sabotage your efforts!

Like I said, I’m not a size 2, though I was probably 30 before my normal weight exceeded 110 pounds.  I’m sometimes horrified at how skinny I was in my 20’s.   I’ve had hormone problems since I was 30, blood sugar problems all my life, a back injury at 33 that sidelined me for 27 months, and knee injuries from too much lunging in my fencing days when I used to beat the crap out of testosterone-embrazoned teens…um, who are probably now older than my last boyfriend. 

I started this blog as a way to share my insights not into “losing weight” or “going on a diet” or even “healing” from various injuries or illnesses but insights into physical well-being and putting my needs first for a change  (I put everyone else ahead of me for 2 decades–now it’s my turn!).  I’ve been working on myself and my spiritual well-being for the past decade, and you can read about that journey and my shared spiritual insights for free at The Spiritual Eclectic or buy any of my life-coaching guides at Spilled Candy Books

This blog is specific to the journey to physical well-being.   I hope you can join me on this path for a while, whether you jog on ahead of me or  veer off to something that works better for you.


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